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A special message for boat dealers

You love boats, or you wouldn't sell them. You love the boating business, or you wouldn't be a part of it.

Those are the two most important things Sea Cat and our dealers have in common. We love what we sell, and we love what we do.

If you call Sea Cat, you'll discover we're enthusiastic about our product line. We're riding a growing wave of interest-and sales-in powered catamarans.
  • If you consider that an aging population needs a smoother ride, you'd consider selling the booming seniors market Sea Cats.
  • If you can sell greater fuel efficiency in this day of volatile fuel prices, you can sell a Sea Cat.
  • If you can sell stability and versatility to a family or a fisherman, chances are you want Sea Cats in your showroom.
We're investing in a continuing stream of collateral material that helps our dealers sell our products. We've launched a new series of dealer gatherings to learn best practices from each other, and to hear what Sea Cat can do better. We're creating buzz in the industry, and among potential customers within and on the fringe of recreational and commercial boating.

We'll be here to back you up with the best products we know how to make. We'll keep your customers happy with the ride, efficiency and innovations in every Sea Cat boat you sell.

This is your invitation to join the Sea Cat team. Let Sea Cat bring you home the business you know you deserve. Please contact us today.

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